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My name is Danny “dUckbOy” Cowley. I am a native Oregonian, avid Duck fan and graphic designer for the Eugene Emeralds Baseball Club. My passion for the Ducks inspired me to attend the University of Oregon where I donned a handmade luchador mask for athletic events to root on my alma mater.

Growing up I was raised to appreciate art and honed my skills as a fine artist, with my primary focus on painting and drawing throughout high school. As I learned more about computers in college I shifted my focus to a more digital field. I majored in Graphic Design but stayed true to my roots by earning an Art History minor. 

Expressions of Color - Oil on Canvas

I first applied my design skills as an exhibit preparator at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. I was responsible for conceptualizing, building and installing museum exhibits, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment to view the art.

In 2012, I accepted an internship as a graphic designer for the Eugene Emeralds Baseball Club.  Working for the Emeralds afforded me the opportunity to practice and hone my skills in video editing, HTML and product design. After interning with the team for the 2012 season, I was offered a position to become the Emeralds’ first full-time graphic designer.

Digital Graffiti Series - Photoshop

Subsequently, the Emeralds underwent a logo change. Upon being hired, one of the first tasks I was charged with was navigating the brand change-over as the team switched from a scenic mountain logo to a sasquatch-themed identity. With that change came a complete re-design of all the imagery previously associated with the team and I am proud to say I was a big part of that.

My time with the Eugene Emeralds has made me a more well-rounded graphic designer and the large volume of work required by the Emeralds, especially during the season, has taught me how to create high-quality work in a short period of time.